Bruce (Played by Karl Sears).
Bruce owns a ship called the Nessus and hauls hog fat. He works alone. He practices the way of zen space trucker which keeps him from going crazy. Bruce likes puppies, grass, and Katie who works at the Titan Cafe.
Max (Played by Anton Doiron).
Max worked on Mars as an automation engineer until his boss sent him out in a crappy rental shuttle to work at the Titan Station. When the shuttle breaks down Max gets rescued by Bruce. Max isn't used to the long periods of time with nothing to do so Bruce has to Teach him to live in the moment.
Jane Doe (Played by Amelia Jenkins).
Bruce finds Jane Doe in a hypersleep chamber. Her past is mysterious and her behavior is odd. She may or may not be dangerous. She likes to talk about death.
Katie (Played by Cachet Garrett).
Katie is a waitress at the Titan Cafe. Bruce dreams that she will break up with her methane miner boyfriend and date him.
Mr Sour Cream
A container of sour cream who craves cocoa beans and the occasional murder.
The Nessus (Nessy)
Bruce's ship computer talks in a sexy voice and keeps things running smoothly.